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I remember sitting at my desk in 2008 wanting to give up. I had launched my first company, an accounting firm, and I felt invisible. I was really good and what I did, but nobody cared. I received 50 - 100 visits a month to my website, most of which came from myself and a few friends. Any client I got came from cold calling and attending "networking" events, and the clients I got were not optimal. They had unreasonable expectations and wanted to pay little to nothing for my time. 

I had to get better marketing; what I was doing just wasn't working. So I began learning to code. I built five versions of my website, each one getting slightly better along the way. I studied design, copywriting, social media, and everything in-between. I took courses in lead scoring, funnel optimization and email marketing. The result was a Frankenstein approach to connecting with my market. What I had accomplished was a broader online presence, but it still wasn't very good.  

And then I made a decision that changed how I do business. I realized that I was spending money on my marketing instead of investing in it. When that thought entered my head, it felt like a bomb going off. Spending money on marketing took the form of buying ads, sending out mailers, going to trade-shows, etc. You get the idea. Every dollar I put into my business would generate leads, but only as long as I put dollars in. Once I stopped, I became invisible again. This form of advertising is known as push marketing wherein you push yourself onto your customers. 

Investing in marketing was a paradigm shift for me. I no longer wanted to feel like the salesman trying to convince you to buy my "stuff". I wanted you to see me and my company as an organization worth your time. The only way to do that was to stop all the ads and invest my money into online work that would, over time, brand me as an expert and help me stand out from all the other firms out there. In short, I needed to switch to pull marketing as fast as possible.

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We began by looking at our blog - the workhorse of any successful website. Ours was lacking, and that's putting it kindly. We invested every marketing dollar we had into better writers and content. I also began writing, as well as posting videos on our website and YouTube. For the first five months, I didn't see a return.  What I did see was a shift in my organization. We became a company that gave freely to its community.  At the time, we were getting 5 - 7 leads a month, all of which I had to pay for. Two years later, we had a full sales department and were getting over 200 leads a month - most of them organically. That's the goal of a pull marketing strategy, to create real value online that attracts customers to you. The beauty is that all of those assets we created are still out there selling for me, and I don't have pay for them and longer.

In my heart, I'm an entrepreneur and not an accountant. I got my MBA instead of a Masters in Accounting because I love the rhythm of business.  I also love community.  The power a business has to move people and create passion is amazing. That's why I started Reboot Marketing. 

Reboot is a digital marketing company that specializes in retail and e-commerce businesses. Why? It's what my team and I are passionate about, and what we know best. 

There are tons of marketing companies out there for you to hire. Many of them do the same thing: create "factory" content and look for media placements.  What do you get from that? You end up with a marketing bill and boring content that you wont even read.

I want you to stand out in your industry. I want you to garner attention once it's earned. That takes courage and a commitment to pull marketing and community. Are you willing to do what it takes to poke your head out from the crowd and be different? 

Only time will tell.

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