Internet Marketing Resources

the BEST tips & tricks from our team

internet_marketing_resources_library.pngHere you'll find an ever-growing list of resources on how to better market your retail or ecommerce business online.  Feel free to download, use, and share anything you find here.  Don't forget to come back often. We're always adding to the library!

Getting started videos

What Problem Does Reboot Marketing Fix? - In this video, our CEO talks about the marketing techniques we tackle to help you get the internet exposure you deserve. 

Inbound vs Outbound Marketing - Learn the difference here as well as the statistics you need to know to make great marketing decisions for your company.

Does Reboot Have Marketing Contracts? - In this video, you'll learn about our approach to long-term successful marketing relationships.  It's time to create the kind of marketing strategy that actually works.


How To Make Your Product A Habit - We explain the three elements needed to turn your product into a regular customer habit: the trigger, the behavior and the reward.

Great Marketing Is Like Rocky Balboa - It takes persistence, practice and time. 


The Inbound Marketing Blueprint - Follow our step-by-step blueprint for building and executing your inbound marketing strategy.

SMART Goal Planning Template - Use our handy worksheet to calculate and set goals for your website's visitors, leads and customers.

30 Greatest Lead Generation Tips, Tricks & Ideas - In our free e-book, we'll spill what makes the best lead-generating content, what drives killer landing page performance, and how to create offers that are impossible to ignore.

Blogging Resources

The Ultimate Blogging Guide - This thing is full of statistics, tools, and tricks that you can use on your blog immediately.  

10 Strategies That Get Your Blog Noticed - In this article, we cover both practical and advance topics for getting your blog on people's radar. For example, are you using a Viral Loop? Learn about it here.

Get More Likes Per Blog Post - In today's world, simply posting your new article to Facebook isn't going to get you very far.  You need a content distribution strategy and we've put one together for you.

Lead Generation Resources

The Decision to Buy Your Stuff - Learn how to sell your products or services before the sales call even starts.  In this video, we walk you through your buyers decision to pick you.