meet THe Team at Reboot Marketing

Here you'll find a bit about each of our staff.  We love marketing, internet wizardry, and apparently we love black and white pictures.  Not sure why, but dang, we look good. 

Eddy Hood 300 x 300.jpg

Eddy Hood, CEO

Eddy Hood received his MBA and went on to start his first business, an accounting firm, that has risen to the top of the outsourced services market.  

Winner of the Junto 2008 entrepreneur challenge in connection with Alan Hall and Greg Warnock, he is geared to grow companies.  

Eddy is a Certified Inbound Marketer and has studied the best marketing strategies under mentors like Rand Fishkin, David Meerman Scott, and Seth Godin.  


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Tami Brehse, COO

Tami began her career as a television news anchor and reporter in markets around the country. 

From there she dove head first into PR and marketing, overseeing strategy for clients like the City of Boca Raton, the Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience and Origins Behavioral Healthcare as an account manager at one of Florida's largest PR firms. 

As Reboot Marketing’s COO, Tami oversees the marketing team and Reboot's client accounts, making sure all the gears are grinding together like clockwork to produce stellar results. 

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Ryan Steck, CFO

Ryan is the money man of our company.  If you can't find him, he's probably at his desk forecasting data or crafting some sort of wizardry in Excel.  Ryan's experience brings a solidity to Reboot.  Having a CPA on our team ensures that we can spend our time focused on marketing for you and not on financial or administrative pains.  

Ryan is an avid volleyball player, runs countless miles a day on the treadmill, and loves his beater truck.


Jenna Gadelha - Sales

Want to know how you're doing in life? Check your results.

Jenna Gadêlha has spent the last 17 years in sales.  She began her sales career in 1999 with a large communications company. Moving from a top sales performer to Corporate Sales Trainer, she then ventured into the bankcard industry and spent the vast majority of her time building and maintaining high-performing sales teams. 

Jenna has a proven track record of consistently producing sales teams that reach 150% - 500% of their targeted objectives.


Jennifer Youmanssquare-1.jpg


An accountant by trade, Jennifer writes on technical topics like finance and saving money. She has been instrumental in saving companies millions of dollars. Jennifer is a huge hockey fanatic in the winter, and come summertime you'll find her outdoors from dusk till dawn perfecting her gardens.

LizLear_SpiritSpur_010 (2).jpg

LIZ LEAR - Writer

Liz is an award-winning storyteller with 19 years of experience across diverse fields, including healthcare, nonprofits, academia, B2B and design engineering.

She launched her journalism career as a magazine editor with Penton Media and transitioned into marketing and development communications with senior roles at Cleveland Clinic and Case Western Reserve University. When Liz isn’t writing, she’s likely off teaching a yoga class.